Surgical Procedure

In smaller Gynaecomastias the surgery could be performed under local anaestesia without any hospital stay. But most of the patients require general anaesthesia. To do both sides it takes 2-3 hours (longer if the breasts are to be tightened at the same time)

A small cut is made (.5mm) in infra menory line through which liposuction canulla passed.

All the fat is removed by liposuction followed by a small incision (cut) is made at the margin of the lower areola (the dark skin that surrounds the nipple ). The skin and the areola are lifted up and the breast tissue with surrounding fat are removed. A suction drain is placed before suturing the wounds.

On patients with very large Gynaecomastias , the skin is also tightened at the same time of the above surgery to avoid sagging after the surgery.