Lipsuction surgery
Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynaecomastia / Male Breast

Gynaecomastia or ‘Male Breast’ is the presence of glands in male chest area (in women such glands produce milk for breast feeding of baby after pregnancy). In the chest area some resistant fat may also get deposited giving the appearance of a female like breast.

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Gynacomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia Surgical Procedure

In smaller Gynecomastias the surgery could be performed under local anaestesia without any hospital stay. But most of the patients require general anaesthesia. To do both sides it takes 2-3 hours

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Gynecomastia Surgery

Chest Packs

Chest packs can also be created by liposuction over the chest, where we remove the extra fat over the outer and lower border of the chest muscle. By that, the contour of the pectoral chest muscle will be clearly delineated.

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